Want intuition as your superpower?

Let’s amplify your inner wisdom

We believe everyone is intuitive - yep, even you

But not everyone is encouraged to follow their intuition, right? All the expectations, rules and roles cloud our vision and we forget who we really are and why we’re really here.

Until, that is, our inner voice screams and yells, and demands: Enough! If your inner voice is screaming yes!, then you’re in the right place.

It’s time to confidently follow your own life path -- not someone else’s version of it for you.

The Little Sage will show you how.

Since our inception in 2013, The Little Sage has been dedicated to bringing you bite-sized pieces to support you. We believe in building your intuitive muscle one small step at a time.

Our shop is stocked with oracle cards, meditations, books and short courses - a perfect jumping off point for beginners. Or, simply check out our Starter Pack.

Our community, The Sage Society, is brimming with others just like you -- sign up using the pop up form.

About The Little Sage

After a successful career in PR and marketing, Helen left to pursue her own intuitive nudges, forging a flourishing practice as a psychic and mentor.

By 2013, The Little Sage burst into life, as Helen and her Spiritual Support Team (her guiding beings) began dreaming of a place where people could easily access information, resources, tools and techniques to build their intuition, without having to dramatically overhaul their lives. Small steps, everyday.

Listening to her own intuition and guides, The Little Sage took a hiatus as Helen wrote two books (You Already Know and soon to be released Asking For a Friend, both Murdoch Books) and mentoring her 1:1 clients and students.

Spirit has once again put The Little Sage front and centre in Helen’s life path -- and now yours!


“I am truly grateful. The Little Sage has always been my number one place I go to, I listen to your mediations, use your oracle cards and I love everything you create and share, I have always been so drawn to TLS, your words, messages, and find it all so inspiring”Anon
“Each time I visit your site, I feel like I am doing something amazing for myself. I feel you have crafted a gorgeous brand, website and business that we can all trust. I also trust in your aesthetic, and know anything you produce and sell in your shop will be a) Beautiful b) Quality and C) Made, selected and sold with love.”Jen
"I just wanted to respond with a quick love note and tell you how much I love and look forward to your nuggets of wisdom! I admire your work and your contribution to elevating women’s wellness and consciousness. Rock on!”Cecile
I absolutely love everything about The Little Sage. Your articles are always so incredibly interesting and helpful. I also love your products and I wish I was still in Australia so I could attend events (thank goodness for your online courses)”Etta



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