Guidance and support to navigate the energies.

Inner work and discovering our inner self can be confusing.

How do you know what to focus on in your spiritual journey?

Which healing modality is best to use in what situation?

How do you make the predictions and energy forecasts useful and practical?

Take the guesswork out of what’s ahead:

Work with The Little Sage founder (and resident intuitive guide), Helen Jacobs, as she delivers a clear outline of what’s ahead, key dates and key themes to watch for, helping you know where to focus your energy (or when to wait and preserve it).

Each forecast brings a mix of intuitive guidance, future collective predictions, but also practical guided tools and resources so you can work with the energies and focus on your own self-discovery.

These forecasts form the basis of what Helen shares on her free weekly podcast, The Guided Collective, and drive the sharing of tools and resources here at The Little Sage.

Check out the latest forecast events here:


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