Knowing who you really are and how to live from that place isn’t as easy as it sounds.

It can be hard to trust guidance from our intuition and Spiritual Support Team —and how do you know it’s not really fear, or just wishful thinking?

Deciphering the messages can lead to more confusion resulting in us not acting on our guidance, but then kicking ourselves later, because we knew we should’ve made a change.

Then, there are the times we do act on our signs -- only to feel like we got it wrong -- sending us back into doubt and confusion once more.

You are trying to tune in, to listen to your four bodies (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) but don’t know where to start — let alone, confidently follow where it’s leading.

If there are parts of your outer world that feel a mess, or you want to intuitively change your life (career, relationships, purpose, money and more…) let’s do it together, from the inside out.

Become your own oracle, tune into your unique divine life path, and follow the path you were born to follow.

Tune into your unique
divine life path

Sage Advice leads you through the layers of your inner world, changing and transforming you inside before we manifest change in your outer world. And we’ll do it by tuning you into your guidance, then clearing, healing, restoring and manifesting your way to a new soul-aligned beginning.

This life-changing, eight-week online program:

  • connects you with Spiritual Support Team (your spirit guides, higher self, angels);
  • clears, grounds and balances your energy;
  • aligns your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies;
  • opens you to flow more freely with life;
  • reveals your life’s lessons and purpose;
  • unearths your truth;
  • shows you a deeper love for self and others;
  • then teaches you how to manifest your heart’s desires into physical form.

Sage Advice takes you through the Guidance Cycle — a tried and tested process for clearing, healing and restoring your inner world so you can actively and powerfully co-create and manifest an outer world you deeply desire. And the process is underpinned with intuition and self-love.

Learned once, you’ll have a lifelong roadmap for change and growth.

Work with Helen as she mentors the entire group through the transformations she herself has undergone.

About Helen

After a successful career in PR and marketing, Helen left to pursue her own intuitive nudges, forging a flourishing practice as a psychic and mentor.

By 2013, The Little Sage burst into life, as Helen and her Spiritual Support Team (her guiding beings) began dreaming of a place where people could easily access information, resources, tools and techniques to build their intuition, without having to dramatically overhaul their lives. Small steps, everyday.

Listening to her own intuition and guides, The Little Sage took a hiatus as Helen wrote two books (You Already Know and soon to be released Asking For a Friend, both Murdoch Books) and mentoring her 1:1 clients and students.

Spirit has once again put The Little Sage front and centre in Helen’s life path -- and now yours!

“Heartfelt thanks for helping me find my way — thinking, feeling, seeing, knowing.”Sally
"Meeting and working with Helen opened up a door of possibilities for me”Renee
“The meditations are mind-blowing and the daily lessons dip deep — this has been the best eight weeks of my life.”Katie
“Helen’s support throughout the course gives courage to anyone wanting to create a special life of their own.” Hannah

Who it’s for

Sage Advice is for anyone ready to:

  • make a change in your life – but aren't sure how or where to start;
  • tap into your intuition, life purpose and lessons to create a life you were born to live;
  • decipher your head from your heart;
  • begin (or restore) a relationship with self, through love and acceptance;
  • learn to manifest your heart's desires;
  • connect with your little sage, guides, angels and Universal energy;
  • delve into Helen's personal story, experience, tips and tricks on how she lives intuitively...

Who it’s not for

Sage Advice is not for anyone looking:

  • for an intensive psychic/intuitive development course. We cover the basics in this course.
  • for a quick fix. This is deep, guided work and cannot be rushed.
  • for an easy, one-size-fits-all approach. Following your intuition doesn’t necessarily guarantee an easy path ahead.
  • to work exclusively with Helen or have personal/individual questions answered psychically. This is a group program and only questions/topics pertaining to the content and relevant for the whole group will be explored.

You'll receive

  • 35+ exercises, worksheets and templates
  • 12+ guided meditations, including 6 new bonus and exclusive tracks – totaling almost 3 hours of audio
  • 8 live online masterclasses (weekly) with Helen
  • 4 live online Q&A calls with Helen
  • Two Living Intuitively eBooks – all the exercises plus the Workbook – at the completion of the course to download and keep
  • Lifetime access (for the life of the program) to the members area
  • Access to a members only Facebook group

Course outline

Week 1 - Foundations: Daily Devotion practise; Rhythms & Rituals; stillness, space and silence
Week 2 - Intuition: Meet your SST; head v heart, chakras, aura & psychic senses; ARIA Method
Week 3 - You: Understand your unique composition, your purpose and lessons
Week 4 - Life: Over-arching life purpose, fate v free will, control or flow
Week 5 - Guidance Cycle: clearing, healing, restoring and manifesting
Week 6 - Love: The importance of self-love, boundaries and mirrors
Week 7 - Create: The four phases of manifesting an outer world to match your inner world
Week 8 - Intuitive Action: Create your ongoing action plan for intuitive living

Key dates

October 6-17: Enrolments open Receive access to members area + welcome exercises
October 18: Class begins Mondays 10am AEST - weekly live masterclasses Thursday 10am AEST - fortnightly Q&A sessions (from Oct 28)
December 10: Class ends

Lifetime (of the program) access to members area + replays


“The course was a real turning point in my life and business - I felt clear, motivated and confident about what I wanted to do with my life, something I had been lacking in the lead up to the course”Jess
“This beautiful designed course gave me the freedom to indulge in who I am. It helped me see the world in a while different light, and helped me realise how amazing it is to be living right now in this moment as me.”Callan
“You transform your own life through guidance, love, support and respect with Helen and the bunch of women learning alongside you.”Simone
“I loved the guidance on how to approach looking deeper inside myself. It's ok to acknowledge you want or need to do it.”Julie


How much time will I need to dedicate to the course?

Do I have to be in class at certain times?

I can't make this class, or can only make part of it - will it run again?

I don't think I'm very intuitive – will I still get something out of the course?

What do I need?

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Please email us your details to register your interest in the next round, opening up in early 2022.

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