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Wish there was a step-by-step guide to connect with your intuition?

Yeah, we did too -- so we created one.

Everything you need to carve out a more intuitive life is bundled together in this starter pack, with our best selling items.

The special combo in this Starter Pack will guide you through the framework of connecting to your intuition and Spiritual Support Team, plus bring you the most popular supports (and tools recommended in the book) so you'll have them on hand, as you read You Already Know.

Total Value: $125

Get it for just $75

That’s 40% off


Value: $50
The Little Sage Oracle Cards
Value: $33
A signed copy of You Already Know
Value: $14
Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation
Value: $14
Chakra Balancing Meditation
Value: $14
Ground, Clear and Protect your energy Mediation
Total Value: $125

Get it for just $75

That’s 40% off

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Please note: your meditations will arrive immediately in a separate email, but it'll take us a little longer to pack and ship your book and cards. We'll let you know when they're leaving our hands - usually within a couple of days.

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